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High-speed label finishing machines for inspection, die cutting, slitting and rewinding

ROTOCONTROL - Made in Germany

ROTOCONTROL designs and manufactures leading edge inspection, slitting, rewinding and die cutting finishing machines for the narrow web industry. Headquartered in Linau (near Hamburg), Germany with a world-wide Agent network, we maintain the highest level of product quality through ease of use, absolute control and flexibility.

Our machines provide a convenient and simple operator interface through graphical input and display with touch screen input as well as excellent access to all web viewing and handling areas. Ultimate tension control through the S-Drive servo/software system supports the widest variety of materials without mechanical reconfiguration of the machine or complicated reprogramming.

Available in basic inspection/rewinding configurations, ROTOCONTROL machines can also be fitted with numerous modules either at order or later in the field for enhanced capabilities such as integrated vision inspection, semi-automatic turrets as well as multiple slitting, counting and product detection methods.

Advanced machines for finishing with full insetting/registration control, single pass re-inspection (security applications), in-mold label, booklet insertion, cold and hot foil and flexo overprinting are also available.

Rotocontrol machines provide:

  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Highest degree of automation
  • Full integration of all components such as image processing, inkjet, etc.
  • Modular design
  • Fast and efficient capability
  • Integration into workflow

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