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Rotocontrol Cuting Machine
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BL-Series Booklet production line

The BL Series is a fully servo driven, high speed offline solution for ECL and booklet labels equipped with the Longford International OS700X triple motor surge feeder.

A complete modular solution in one machine with proven production speed up to 65m/min  – and the control you need.

The perfect machine to produce booklet labels, coupon labels and label-on-label with variable scopes and formats.


Standard Configuration includes

  • Fully modular machine
  • 15”  touch screen panel on pivoting arm
  • 100% servo control from Bosch Rexroth
  • Job memory for 500 jobs
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Unwind unit
  • Splice table incl. web guide
  • Full-rotary die cutting station
  • Matrix rewind with adjustable stripping angle, independent tension zones for pull-up and rewind
  • Register control
  • Special slitting system – optimized for booklet labels
  • Single rewind

Available Options

  • Hydraulic roll lifter for dia. up to 1200mm (47.24”)
  • Waste rewind unit
  • Corona treater
  • Web cleaner
  • Static elimination
  • Delam/relam unit
  • Turn bar
  • Rotary flexo and/or screen printing
  • Flatbed screen printing
  • Hot and cold glue unit
  • Lamination unit
  • Register lamination unit (Optional with labeler function)
  • Cold foiling
  • Component rail system
  • Hot stamping

  • Inkjet integration
  • Label dispensing system
  • Integration of all major camera systems
  • Multiple die cutting and printing stations possible
  • Register control (+/- 0,3mm) (+/- 0.012”)
  • Special backside die cutting option without exchanging the magnetic cylinder against the anvil cylinder
  • Shear, razor and crush knife slitting
  • Full automatic knife positioning system – EPOS or RotoCut
  • Dual rewind
  • Lay-on rollers
  • Slip differential shafts
  • Semi-automatic turret rewinder - with or without Autocut
  • Underscoring unit
  • Strobe light


Working widths:
340mm (13.39”), 440mm (17.32”)
Unwind diameter:
750mm (29.53”)
Print repeat range:
228,6mm – 610mm (9” – 24”)
Die repeat range:
254mm – 635mm (10” – 25”)
Rewind diameter:
550mm (21.65”)
Run speed up to:
Booklet production = 65m/min (213 fpm)
Full-rotary = 200m/min (656 fpm)
Synchronous mode = 250m/min (820 fpm)

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