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Die ECOline RDF Verarbeitungs- und Veredelungssystem für digital gedruckte EtikettenSmart Label Expands Digital Label Finishing with a ROTOCONTROL ECOline RDF26.05.2020

German printer Smart Label is expanding their digital label converting and finishing production with a ROTOCONTROL ECOline RDF 340 machine. The sale was led by André Klinkow, ROTOCONTROL Western Europe Sales Manager.

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ROTOCONTROL ECOline RDF-350 digital label converting and finishing systemSmart Label erweitert die digitale Etikettenveredelung mit einer ROTOCONTROL ECOline RDF26.05.2020

Die deutsche Druckerei Smart Label erweitert ihre digitale Etikettenverarbeitungs- und Finishing-Produktion mit einer ROTOCONTROL ECOline RDF 340 Maschine. Der Verkauf wurde von André Klinkow, ROTOCONTROL Western Europe Sales Manager, geleitet.

The ROTOCONTROL DT-340 digital label finishing machine with an integrated Domino N610i label pressROTOCONTROL and Domino partner to expand capabilities in hybrid label printing and finishing19.05.2020

The new inline hybrid solution featuring the ROTOCONTROL DT-340 digital label finishing machine with an integrated Domino N610i label press will be featured in ROTOCONTROL’s new headquarters and demo center in Siek, Germany with a grand opening planned for this June.

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Die neue Inline-Hybridlösung mit der digitalen Etiketten-Finishing-Maschine ROTOCONTROL DT-340 mit einer integrierten Domino N610i EtikettendruckmaschineROTOCONTROL & Domino schließen Kooperation im Hybrid-Etikettendruck und in der Weiterverarbeitung19.05.2020

Die neue Inline-Hybridlösung mit der digitalen Etiketten-Finishing-Maschine ROTOCONTROL DT-340 mit einer integrierten Domino N610i Etikettendruckmaschine wird im neuen ROTOCONTROL Hauptsitz und Demozentrum in Siek, Deutschland, vorgestellt – die große Eröffnung ist für Juni geplant.

Die ECOline FM-MaschineROTOCONTROL stellt ECOline FM-Maschinen für die Gesichtsmaskenproduktion vor15.05.2020

ROTOCONTROL hat die Verfügbarkeit von zwei ECOline FM Maschinen für die End-to-End-Maskenproduktion als Antwort auf die erhöhte Nachfrage nach dem Ausbruch von COVID-19 angekündigt. Die ECOline FM ist eine Schutzmaske für Angestellte, Personen in der Fertigung und für Personen zum Schutz in der Öffentlichkeit konzipiert.

Francisco-Soto-ROTOCONTROL-Francisco-Fernandez-GrafiSoftGrafiSoft now representing ROTOCONTROL in Chile and Ecuador14.05.2020

ROTOCONTROL has appointed GrafiSoft as its local distributor in Chile and Ecuador for its range of high-speed label and digital hybrid finishing machines.

GrafiSoft’s Managing Director and President Francisco Fernández along with Business Development Director Francisco Javier Fernández and Technical Support Specialist Pablo Despiau Burgos will play a vital role in supporting this region alongside Francisco Soto, Director of Sales Latin America for ROTOCONTROL.

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ECOline FMROTOCONTROL Introduces ECOline FM Machines for Face Mask Production12.05.2020

ROTOCONTROL has announced the availability of ECOline FM machines designed for end-to-end mask production in response to increased demand following the COVID-19 outbreak. The ECOline FM is designed to produce flat masks for general front-line workers, manufacturing and the public, with an advanced version providing an end-to-end production line for medical masks typically worn by nurses and doctors. Both machines are now available internationally through ROTOCONTROL and its global agent network.

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Davis Graphics ROTOCONTROL Appoints Davis Graphics as Exclusive Distributor for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay08.05.2020

ROTOCONTROL has expanded its global agent network for its range of high-speed label and digital hybrid finishing machines with the appointment of Davis Graphics S.A. as the local distributor for The Southern Cone region including Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Francisco Soto, Director of Sales Latin America for ROTOCONTROL finalized the new partnership on the ROTOCONTROL stand during Label Summit Latin America held March 10-11 in Santiago.

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ROTOCONTROL ECOline RSI 340  label slitter rewinderSeb.Wolf GmbH Chooses ROTOCONTROL RSI ECOline for Premium Label Finishing23.04.2020

ROTOCONTROL confirms another ECOline RSI sale to German label printer and converter Seb.Wolf GmbH. The ECOline RSI sold to the the internationally operating Eltville label specialists features roll-to-roll label inspection, slitting and rewinding in a 340mm web width for their premium label finishing.

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ROTOCONTROL ECOline RSI 340 Seb.Wolf GmbH wählt ROTOCONTROL RSI ECOline für Premium-Etikettenveredelung23.04.2020

ROTOCONTROL gibt einen weiteren Verkauf von einer ECOline RSI an den deutschen Etikettendrucker und -verarbeiter Seb.Wolf GmbH bekannt. Die ECOline RSI, die an den international agierenden Eltviller Etikettenspezialisten verkauft wurde, verfügt über eine Rolle-zu-Rolle-Etiketteninspektion, Schneide- und Aufwickelvorrichtung in einer Bahnbreite von 340 mm für die Premium-Etikettenveredelung.

ROTOCONTROL ECOline RDF-350 digital label converting and finishing systemAvvo Labels Remaining competitive with digital printing17.04.2020

Durban-based Avvo Labels has invested in a Screen Truepress Jet L350UV+ and an ECOline RDF 330 digital label converting and finishing system to keep abreast of the market’s ever-changing needs.

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ECOline RSH inspection slitter rewinderAvailable Finishing Machines for Immediate Delivery

We can help your label production bottleneck

During the COVID-19 crisis with increased demand for labels such as food, personal care, pharmaceutical products and others, you as a label printer have to keep up with these higher quantities.
To help your label production bottleneck, we’re offering the following demo label finishing machines and Screen TruepressJet L350UV+ for sale with immediate delivery:
ECOline RSI RollenschneiderSOFORT Verfügbare Weiterverarbeitungsmaschinen

Wir können Ihren Produktionsengpass bei der Etikettenherstellung mit sofort verfügbaren Verarbeitungsmaschinen unterstützen.

Während der COVID-19 Krise und der damit verbundenen erhöhten Nachfrage nach Etiketten für unter anderem Lebensmittel, Körperpflege und pharmazeutischen Produkte, müssen Sie als Etikettendrucker mit diesen Mengen Schritt halten können.
Um Ihren Engpass bei der Etikettenproduktion zu verbessern, bieten wir die folgenden Vorführ-Etikettenveredelungsmaschinen und die Screen TruepressJet L350UV zum Verkauf mit sofortiger Lieferung an:
André Klinkow, Western Europe Sales Manager for ROTOCONTROLPrint Veteran André Klinkow Joins ROTOCONTROL16.03.2020

ROTOCONTROL welcomes print veteran André Klinkow as Western Europe Sales Manager for further increased representation of its range of high-speed label and digital hybrid finishing machines.

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Francisco SotoROTOCONTROL Expands in Latin America and Caribbean with Francisco Soto09.03.2020

ROTOCONTROL is strengthening local presence of its range of high-speed label and digital hybrid finishing machines in the Americas with the appointment of Francisco Soto as Director of Sales Latin America, (including Florida, USA) & Caribbean.

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Artur Gondek, ROTOCONTROL Area Sales ManagerArtur Gondek Joins ROTOCONTROL as Area Sales Manager05.03.2020

ROTOCONTROL has appointed Artur Gondek as Area Sales Manager with responsibly for direct sales and agent management for the company’s range of modular finishing machines designed for label inspection, slitting, rewinding, die cutting, digital and booklet printed labels.

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Ecoline RDS 330 die-cutting/inspection machine Blue Print Labelling enhances capacity with the Ecoline RDS 33004.03.2020

Blue Print Labelling’s owners, Devlin and Wade Brodowicz made their decision to purchase an Ecoline RDS 330 die-cutting/inspection machine after seeing a demonstration on Rotocon’s stand at Propak Africa.

‘When we saw the RDS 330 on show at Propak we were convinced that it was ideally suited to enhancing our production capacity and ensuring we keep pace with demand,’ says Devlin.

Learn more about their Ecoline RDS 330 investment»»

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ROTOCONTROL Ecoline RDF-350 digital label converting and finishing systemVR Print invests double in digital28.02.2020

Durban-based VR Print has ventured into the digital printing market having invested in a Screen Truepress Jet L350UV+ and an Ecoline RDF 330 digital printed label converting and finishing system.

The RDF 330 finishing system features an unwind/rewind unit, full-rotary flexo printing unit, cold foil/lamination unit, die-cutting station, slitting unit and extras such as a corona treater and chill roller for the printing and converting of unsupported film»»

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Ecoline RSIColor Label Opts for ROTOCONTROL Ecoline RSI 21.02.2020

ROTOCONTROL confirms another Ecoline RSI slitting inspection and rewinder sale in Denmark, sold to Color Label. Leading the sale was Nortech-Solutions, the recently appointed local agent for ROTOCONTROL in Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

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ROTOCONTROL’s new facility in Siek, GermanyNew European Headquarters for ROTOCONTROLJanuary 22, 2020

A 1000sqm building located in Siek, Germany will soon provide demonstrations, factory acceptance testing, training, and final machine assembly.

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Ecoline RDFThe Ecoline RDF 330 enhances Sign & Seal’s capacity for printing, die-cutting, sheeting and offline cold-foilingJanuary 17, 2020

A recently-installed Ecoline RDF 330 and Screen Truepress Jet at Sign & Seal Labels and is taking their business another giant stride forward in digital technology for bespoke label designs.

Learn how this Cape Town printer is able to play a much bigger role in the supply of customised labels and meet growing demands for shorter run lengths.

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Mads Iversen (left) and Jeppe Mølvadgaard of Nortech-Solutions with Marco Aengenvoort, Managing Director of ROTOCONTROL (far right) ROTOCONTROL Signs New Agent for ScandinaviaNovember 26, 2019

Nortech-Solutions now local agent for Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

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The ROTOCONTROL ECOLINE RSI-340 designed for inspection and slitting of printed labelsROTOCONTROL Expands Label Finishing Portfolio with ECOLINE August 14, 2019

Three new ROTOCONTROL ECOLINE finishing machines will be unveiled at Labelexpo Europe.

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ROTOCONTROL DT 340ROTOCONTROL Joins Forces with Screen in Hybrid Label Printing and Finishing May 24, 2019

The new ROTOCONTROL DT 340 Screen L350 hybrid solution was introduced at Screen Europe’s inaugural LabelFest open house in Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

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Hybrid-Etikettendruck – Screen und RotocontrolHybrid-Etikettendruck – Screen und Rotocontrol von Redaktion Etiketten-Labels, 22. Juli 2019

Eine neue Hybridlösung – bestehend aus dem Rotocontrol DT 340 Converting-System und der Digitaldruckmaschine Screen Truepress Jet L350 – eröffnet den Etikettendruckern neue Möglichkeiten für die Kunden-individuelle Produktion. Wir stellen die Maschine detailliert vor.


Maxteq Appointed as ROTOCONTROL AgentMaxteq Appointed as ROTOCONTROL Agent in Australia and New Zealand November 22, 2018

Agreement follows Maxteq’s visit to the ROTOCONTROL stand at Labelexpo Americas.

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ROTOCONTROLDT-SeriesAnother ROTOCONTROL DT Series machine for further finishing of digitally printed labels destined for the Gundlach Packaging Group September 26, 2018

Logo Etiketten GmbH, based in Mahlberg - part of the Gundlach Packaging Group - is adding another machine from ROTOCONTROL to its production facility for the third time.

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Jason Schmitt, Jim Driscoll, Anthony Driscoll and Marco AengenvoortROTOCONTROL Expands USA Sales TeamSeptember 6, 2018

In a move to further strengthen its North American presence, ROTOCONTROL has expanded their USA sales team. The combined forces of EMT International and ROTOCONTROL now provide a powerful mix of manufacturing expertise and 24-7 service operations for the North American label finishing market.

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ROTOCONTROL at Labelexpo AmericasROTOCONTROL Makes Debut Labelexpo Americas Show with EMT InternationalAugust 17, 2018

Bringing their “Finish First” theme unveiled at Labelexpo Europe 2017, ROTOCONTROL will join EMT International in their first exhibition at Labelexpo Americas 2018. Visitors to the show can find an array of ROTOCONTROL and EMT International finishing technologies in hall C, booth 3511.

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Öncü Güyer (general manager, Elektroser), Marco Aengenvoort (managing director, ROTOCONTROL), and Emrah Hoşgör (board member, Elektroser)Elektroser A.Ş. Now Representing ROTOCONTROL in TurkeyAugust 8, 2018Read more
Mag. Florian Ulrich (Ulrich Etiketten), Dr. Rainer Ulrich (Ulrich Etiketten), & Martin Vogel (Printcon)Ulrich Etiketten Broadens Multi-layer Label Production with a ROTOCONTROL BL-seriesJuly 6, 2018

Austrian label printer and converter Ulrich Etiketten is broadening their offering in multi-layer label production with a ROTOCONTROL BL-series booklet label machine.

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Markus Pieper (Printcon), Marco Aengenvoort (ROTOCONTROL), & Martin Vogel (Printcon)Printcon Repräsentiert nun ROTOCONTROL in Süddeutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz17.01.2018

ROTOCONTROL hat nun offiziell die Firma Printcon als neuen Vertreter für Süddeutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz bekannt gegeben. Printcon wird die gesamte Produktpalette an Konfektioniermaschinen für Anwendungen wie Wickeln, Schneiden, Stanzen und die Produktion von digital gedruckten Booklet Etiketten vertreiben.

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